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About us


In the year of 1955, our restaurant opened its doors, in a place that was said to be spellbound. It's very known by the inhabitants that this specific beach was the favorite place for witches to do rituals. Also at the golden age of piracy, the pirates unloaded gold and gems in the cave of the hill.

The Mazatlecos, with the ambition to find the treasures, tried to reach these caves, but such was their surprise when they came across hundreds of bats guarding the entrance. In the end nobody could enter these caves, which made them mysterious and made us think that they remain protected by witches. who are responsible for bewitching your palate.

In 2015 the restaurant decided to open a second branch to give their clients an iconic place in mazatlan. After a participation in the carnival parties of 2015, it was decided to open a second branch due to the popularity obtained during the parties and the need to be always part of them, this second branch would be located in the heart of the carnival parties, in Plazuela Machado.

Delight yourself with the exquisite flavors of Mexico in our renowned Mr. Lionso Restaurant in Mazatlan, specialized in regional dishes and seafood. Founded during the 90's, which make us a place of tradition that you can't miss in your visit to the port.

Courtesy and commitment to do things in an excellent way, as well as professional teamwork, are the permanent sources for the motivation and perseverance that makes Mr. Lionso Restaurant the favorite of the port.


Origin of brujas beach


It tells the story, that this specific beach was the favorite place of the town's witches to do rituals, and at the time of the pirates, they discharged gold and precious stones in the caves of the hill.
The Mazatlecos, for their ambition to find gold, tried to reach these caves but what was their surprise that hundreds of bats guarded the entrance. In the end no one could ever enter these caves, which made them mysterious and this detail, to date makes us think that the caves are protected by witches and where until now they enchant your palate.



Make special any of your events with us, look at the different options we have for your event.

Social events

Here you can make any social event you'll like, from a simple reunion to a birthday.

Corporate events

Our restaurant can cover all your necesities for your any of your corporate events.

Special events

You can make here any special event with the characteristics that you need.